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GOODs owners Katherine Inglis and Ivana Suvak share an appreciation for handmade, unique designs created by both local and global artisans. In 2009, Katherine and Ivana decided--somewhat spontaneously-- to open a boutique near their homes in the Sunset Park area of Santa Monica. Their hope was to introduce a bit sustainable style and eco-friendly cheer to the neighborhood. 
“We carry carefully curated products that we would like to have in our own homes," says Ivana.  "As a result, all GOODs wares are as natural as possible, fair-trade and in support of the many talented artisans we’ve built relationships with nearby and around the world.” 
Adds Katherine, "Our wonderful shop-mate, Risa Kleyweg also contributes significantly to the GOODs family! Risa makes shopping here an experience to come back for again and again."
Now in its eighth year, GOODs continues to offer fresh, interesting, beautifully-crafted and ethically-produced creations--a diverse collection of textiles, leather goods, books, children's toys, housewares, jewelry, pottery, candles, and more.
We hope to see you at the shop or meet you on-line soon! Or give us a call at 310-392-3922 if you have any questions or care to learn more about GOODs!
Katherine + Ivana